Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

FXPP Liner - Located in key impact zones, the Fused Expanded Polypropylene foam liner helps dissipate 20% less energy during impact than the same volume of traditional EPP Foam. Biomechanical... Learn More
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Bauer RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet

Bauer RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet

Next Generation Comfort, Fit and Protection Bauer's most innovative liner to date. The multi-density SUSPEND-TECH NG liner integrates lightweight VTX, XRD® Foam and advanced molded foams to shape to your head... Learn More



Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet

2021 Bauer Hyperlite Helmet - Senior Great Fit and Comfort: Features our FreeForm adjustment system for independent length and width adjustment to get your perfect fit. New SHOCKLITE foam technology is... Learn More


Bauer RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

The REAKT 75™ helmet combines SEVEN+ technology, XRD® Extreme Impact Protection foam and a suspended liner system for greater comfort and enhanced protection against even the toughest impacts. Experts state that concussions are... Learn More


Bauer RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet

The Bauer Re-Akt 95 Hockey Helmet is a new release for the spring of 2018, and is a combination of the older Bauer IMS 9.0 + IMS 11.0 helmets. As with all... Learn More


CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet

The new Tacks 710 helmet was designed to offer state of the art comfort and fit. With its completely new comfort liner, it delivers an amazing fit and incorporates D30... Learn More


Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

Description The Alpha One helmet provides the protection needed for a high-intensity hockey game. Warrior takes a big picture approach to helmet design, encompassing every aspect around your head in... Learn More



Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmet

Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmet

Keep your head in the game with all-around protection. The RE-AKT™ helmet, featuring the innovative SUSPEND-TECH liner and PORON® Performance Cushioning XRD® Extreme Impact Protection foam helps manage all types of hits in... Learn More



Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo - Youth

Dual-density foam optimized for the youth game.Dual-ridge crown.Two-piece adjustable shell.Tool-free adjustment.PRODIGY helmet and PRODIGY facemask.Four position J-Clips and adjustable top clips.Quick release facemask snaps.CSA, HECC, CE certified. Learn More


True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

Description THE GREAT MISCONCEPTION Accident statistics show that many injuries occur due to angled impact to the head. In standard tests, the helmet is dropped vertically onto a flat surface.... Learn More


CCM Tacks 910 Helmet - Senior

Years of leading R&D and performance testing have led to the pinnacle in head protection. Introducing the Tacks 910, a sleek new helmet developed in collaboration with the Neurotrauma Impact... Learn More


Bauer RE-AKT 150 Hockey Helmet

Experience a fit that’s truly your own with the Bauer ReAkt 150 Combo. Bauer’s brand new FreeForm Adjustment System provides independent length and width adjustment for a truly personalized fit.... Learn More