Warrior Ritual X Goalie Pant - Intermediate


Brand: Warrior

  • Combining the innovation of the Warrior brand and legendary goalie gear designer Pete Smith, the Warrior Ritual X pant brings the technology and innovation of the Ritual X Pro pant to a more affordable price point.

    The core of the pant is designed around Warrior’s brand new FlexPlate system, designed to overlap across the front of the pant so the goalie can utilize their maximum range of motion. The result is an increase in flexibility, mobility, and protection from a traditional pant design. The thigh protection is constructed of a continuous high density foam, ensuring no gaps in protection throughout game play. Additionally, an all-new AxyCut feature eliminates interference and bunching between the pants and the leg pad when transitioning to and in butterfly. This design creates and increase in mobility exceptional protection through multiple layers.

    The Warrior Ritual X Senior goal pant takes advantage of an internal belt system, however puts a spin on the traditional design. A dual slick-clip design allows for even tension on either side of the belt, with easy access to straps for quick adjustment. The internal belt provides a snug, comfortable, easy-to-adjust fit while allowing the external pant to fit looser. Ultimately this design increases comfort and mobility of the pant.

    For the goalie looking for a protective mid-level pant leading in innovative features, look no further than the Warrior Ritual X Senior.

    • Lightweight
    • Flex plates and AxyCut technology
    • New removable internal belt
    • Removable suspender button

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