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  • Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Catcher - Senior

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Catcher - Senior


Brand: Vaughn

    • V9 graphics for distinctive look and appeal
    • VAS Shock Shield palm and thumb base padding
    • Carbon molded palm and front thumb insert
    • Defined break point for easy closing
    • Reinforced finger perimeter edge
    • Pure composite used for increased performance
    • Two-piece cuff and front design
    • Hex mesh inner lining for faster drying
    • HD foam in back pad over fingers
    • Finger tip deflecting rail with HD foams
    • True Pro Spec construction
    • Carbon reinforced T-top
    • Carbon back thumb mold for added support
    • Inner hand strap for retention and control
    • Cuff with no binding maximizes blocking surface
    • 45″ perimeter size
    • Mesh finger stalls for comfort and heat dispersal
    • Neoprene inner hand control
    • Four section back hand padding for flexibility
    • Internal grip rail on inside palm for more closing grip
    • Full wrist strap allows tighter adjustment
    • Added padding in wrist strap for increased comfort
    • Heat moldable for precise fit

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