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  • Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Blocker - Senior

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Blocker - Senior


Brand: Vaughn

    • V9 graphics for distinctive look and appeal
    • Thick foam inner board for increased stiffness
    • Pure Carbon reinforced front board
    • Deep board top bend for puck deflection
    • Laced down blocker front for superior puck control
    • Back hand cushion pad for comfort and protection
    • Palm with index and small finger trigger design
    • Finger protectors with composite core
    • Side finger protector protection
    • Large index side finger protection
    • Palm designed for fit and comfort
    • Carbon molded thumb insert
    • Side shield with HD foam for stability
    • Carbon insert in side shield for impact resistance
    • Floating cuff design increase wrist movement
    • Side index floating pad to cover over stick paddle
    • Full Pro spec construction with 8″ x 15″ blocking surface

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