True Catalyst 9X Goalie Stick - Senior


Brand: True

  • True Catalyst 9X Goalie Stick

    True Catalyst 9X Goalie Stick features:

    Lightweight composite build for a more responsive, stiffer paddle, increased playability and optimized durability.

    • Mid kick profile for easy loading and greater puck control on release.
    • Different than our ASERIES ‘20 collection, the CATALYST ‘21 family features an improved rounded corner shaft, and when combined with our new steeper shoulder angle from paddle to handle, offers ultimate feel and added grip while stickhandling.
    • All-new PLD, Precision Laminate Design, optimizes the angles of carbon fiber layers throughout the shaft,  increasing impact strength and offering optimal stiffness while reducing weight.
    • By incorporating lightweight braided aramid sleeves throughout the paddle, blade, and heel, we’ve designed an improved braided rib system, BAT, which provides a damped feel, and optimized balance and durability throughout play.
    • Soft touch finish with matte blade.
    • Rounded corner shaft shape.

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