Raven Edge 30 Flex Composite Stick - Youth


Brand: Raven

  • The EDGE30 by Raven Hockey is a Junior/Youth hybrid designed for players under 80 lbs and looking to control a hard pass on the rush while also being able to raise the puck top shelf.  The most commanding feature of the EDGE30 is the low flex rating of 30, appropriate for the height and weight of most youth hockey players and the lowest in the industry.

    The EDGE30 is the perfect stick for players under 57" tall. 

    Most youth sticks have a shaft too narrow to allow for correct puck control and cutting inches off a typical junior stick will increase the stiffness negatively affecting passing and shooting.

    The EDGE30 is the only stick in hockey with a flex low enough to correctly fit players who weigh less than 80 pounds. All this with a 60-day warranty. Also available in Limited Edition Ninja III Model.

    EDGE Model:  Shaft:  3K Carbon with Matte Grip, Blade:  25X Blackmond

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