Lowry's Thinees Short Skate Sock - Junior


Brand: Thinees

  • A staple to any performance wardrobe. The Classic Black style from Thinees goes with any team, any sport, any time. 

    97% Polyamide, 3% Cotton

    Thinees Sizing
    Thinees' polyamide-cotton blend provides a comforting stretch to conform to your feet and lower leg. Keep in mind this stretching feature when selecting your size.

    A graphic showing how high a Thinees long sock goes up on the leg

    A graphic which shows a Thinees short sock going up to mid-calf on the leg

    A graphic shows the tapered fit and height of a Thinees junior sock

    Size Length Width
    Long 18.5in / 47cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
    Short 14.5in / 36.8cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
    Junior 14.5in / 36.8cm 2.75in / 7cm
    Mini 10in / 25.4cm 2.25in / 5.7cm 

    *The sizing images for Thinees Long and Short sizes are based on an average-sized adult male. The sizing image for Thinees Junior size is based on an average sized adolescent male. Please refer to the sizing chart above for precise sock measurements. Sizing can slightly vary depending on color.

    *Mini Thinees are recommended for kids age 3-6.


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