Hockey Shot Extreme Shooting Tarp 7' x 16'


- $375.95

Brand: Hockey Shot

  • Constructed with the same heavy-duty material as the Extreme Shooting Tarp but, with a brand–new, stadium packed, crowd cheering design! Stop chasing missed shots and beat the goalie by sniping one of seven targets! Easily rolls up and out of the way at the end of each practice session. Protect the house and practice safe hockey.


    • Available in size 7' x 16' 
    • Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Install in basement or over your garage door.
    • Heavy duty, 18 oz. reinforced Vinyl designed to withstand repeated impact.
    • Absorbs pucks so you spend less time chasing them.
    • Scoring holes reinforced with nylon edging for added strength.
    • You can practice with regulation size/ weight pucks.
    • One convenient pouch to retrieve pucks after you shoot and score.

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