Gryphon Dimple - Senior


- $189.99

Brand: Gryphon


        Ranging from the Pro balls, which are currently being used by elite teams around the world, to balls designed for startup junior players. With many different types to suit any and all needs, there is the right type out there to suit your style and level.

      This range is the Classic collection which offer quality products that are great for feel and strength.  A good balance of weight, cushion and strength to offer a hard hitting capability without jarring the hands, while also allowing silky skills over the ball and the highest quality ball handling capability.


      After years of research and tinkering, Gryphon has produced a range of premium hockey balls to suit all players. Produced with higher quality materials and construction techniques, the balls are cheaper and yet far more playable than ever before. This ball comes with dimples for extra touch and feel on the stick, as well as perfect rolling capacity all over the pitch. The dimples help the ball travel on a wet pitch as well as its flight path when in the air.

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