True TF9 Goal Skate - INT


Brand: True

  • True TF9 Goal Skate

    True TF9 Goal Skate features:

    The 2021 TF9 stock goal skate is designed for goalies seeking the performance benefits and best-in-class fit that's synonymous with TRUE skates.

    • With its thermoformable carbon fiber one-piece shell, improved ToeCap design, and adjustable, asymmetrical tongue, the TF9 Goalie Skate delivers superior fit and comfort in a lightweight build.
    • TRUE’s proprietary high-grade carbon fiber one-piece shell construction and FIBERSHIELD Technology, TRUESHELL Tech seamlessly wraps the toe box, eliminating weak points around high impact areas and providing superior protection.
    • The all new SHIFT Attack goalie holder features BenchChange technology allowing faster blade replacement.
    • 3mm SHIFT stainless steel blades provide lightweight design, lasting edge, and ultimate performance when moving laterally, while the improved strap passages accommodate all strap sizes for secure pad attachment.
    • The ultra-comfortable Neoprene Achilles cuff allows for full ankle extension and mobility, while the exterior, low profile loop accommodates all strap sizes for added secure pad attachment.

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