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  • True 2019 Pro Custom Player Skates - Junior (In store Scan Required)

True 2019 Pro Custom Player Skates - Junior (In store Scan Required)


Brand: True

  • TRUE patented TRUE MonoForm, Monique design yields more direct power transfer and unmatched control while in stride or using your edges. Whatever your size or width we can get you fitted! To book an appointment for a fitting, please email or call us at (604)-987-6630!

    Next Level Performance. Best in class fit. 15% lighter!

    Optimal Skating Position

    The reinforced strategical eyelets put you in an optimized knee-forward position facilitating natural and more direct energy transfer and maximum power with every stride. 

    Redefined One-Piece Boot 

    Through its higher-grade carbon fibers, the uni-body shell is 40 grams lighter, yielding more direct and dynamic power transfer in every stride through every corner. 

    Don't Miss a Shift 

    The all-new Shift holder features enhanced BenchChange technology allowing faster blade replacement without the need for magnetized blade change tool to re-engage the blade. 

    Ultimate Shift In Performance 

    With 40 grams in weight reduction and revolutionary new design, the all-new Shift holder and Step Steel provides dynamic performance and increased speed. 

    Comfort Meets Protection

    Featuring a stiffer and more contoured design, the redesigned tongue is 30 grams lighter than its predecessor and provides enhanced comfort and protection.

    Optimal Control 

    Made in Canada with only the finest raw materials, the best-in-class Step Steel blade provides better control, superior glide, and maximum precision for top performance. 

    Purchase details:

    • Price includes Skate Boot, Holders, Blades
    • Skates are custom and require in-store foot scan

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