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  • Bauer Vapor HyperLite Skates - LS Pulse Ti - Senior

Bauer Vapor HyperLite Skates - LS Pulse Ti - Senior


Brand: Bauer

  • Bauer HyperLite Skates

    Bauer HyperLite Skates Features

    Accelerate Faster: The Hyperflex Facing has integrated flex zones built into the top 4 eyelets to increase the wrap and the forward flex simultaneously for greater side-to-side stability. 

    Maximize your energy transfer: The Hyperflex Outsole is constructed with a rigid composite material on the front and a poured flexible material in the back, letting you maximize energy transfer while accelerating and maintain grip while turning.  

    Weight reduction and comfort: Aerolite, now added to the tongue is a unique foam material that helps create a lighter skate, while maintaining the right amount of support, comfort, protection and flexibility.  

    Choose your steel performance: Gain an edge by customizing your blade performance. Choose Carbonlite (our Premium Steel) for a lightweight and responsive skate. Choose Pulse TI for enhanced edge retention. Or choose Pulse for Premium Glide. 


    • Facing: HYPERFLEX Facing  
    • Lining Material: Lock-Fit Pro
    • Ankle Padding: Aerofoam Pro
    • Tongue: AeroLite W/ Dual Injected Insert
    • Footbed: Lock Fit
    • Thermoformable: Anaform upper
    • Outsole: HyperFLex sole 
    • Blade Holder: TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE
    • Runner: LS Pulse Ti
    • Toe Cap: Asymmetrical 


  • Need help finding your recommended size? Try the Bauer Skates Sizing Chart.

    Bauer Skates Sizing Chart

    Bauer Skates Sizing Chart

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