CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shoulder Pads - Youth


Brand: CCM

  • CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shoulder Pads 

    CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shoulder Pads Features:

    • Construction: Single-layer construction with PE foam reliable and functional protection with a light feel ideal for recreational use
    • Caps: Molded PE shoulder caps full coverage around the shoulders to safeguard from impacts or falls.
    • Torso: PE foam base lightweight fit that delivers great protection while moving with you, with maximized Velcro landing zone for easy adjustment and custom fit.
    • Biceps: Molded PE caps great buffer between you and the hit.
    • Sternum: Anatomical floating molded PE sternum high level of protection.
    • Spine: PE insert spine high level of protection

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