CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shin Guards - Junior


Brand: CCM

  • CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shin Guards

    CCM Super Tacks 9550 Shin Guards Features:

    The CCM Tacks 9550 Shin Guard offers reliable protection and a lightweight fit that is ideal for the entry-level or recreational hockey player.

    A standout feature is JDP Technology, an elite-level design in which the knee cap disperses heavy impact energy away from the knee joint. This highly protects the knee for when a player falls to the ice, slides into the boards, or simply makes contact with another player.

    Internally, a soft liner provides an anatomical fit to the leg and is removable, giving players quicker drying time between uses and the ability to throw the liner into the washing machine. The two-strap design then securely holds the shin guard in place all game long.

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