CCM Jetspeed FT485 Shoulder Pads - Senior


Brand: CCM

  • CCM Jetspeed FT485 Shoulder Pads

    CCM Jetspeed FT485 Shoulder Pads Features

    The CCM Jetspeed FT485 Shoulder Pad is a great choice for the competitive hockey player who needs lightweight and mobile protection in a more affordable package. Made for the agile and quick hockey player, the Jetspeed FT485 Pant has an dual-layer front construction that has been upgraded to give the panels more flexibility.

    Included in the FT485's shoulder caps, jdp technology does an amazing job of dispersing heavy impacts into the surrounding foams, resulting in better protection for the shoulder joint.

    The sternum and spine protection is made up of a hard molded plastic to make sure the player has great protection and coverage without sacrificing on the weight. Better breathability and lightweight coverage are a result of a vented PE foam base, while standard foam adds an extra layer of protection.

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