CCM Jetspeed FT390 Pant - Senior


Brand: CCM

  • Optimize your stride and reduce resistance with Dryfoam Technology and the CCM Jetspeed FT390 Senior Hockey Pants. The soft laminated water repellent liner absorbs less moisture so you can stay light and comfortable on the ice.

    • Construction - 400D/400D Textured/Textured Polyester and Side Panels Reinforcement: Reduce weight and optimize durability.
    • Thigh Guard - Molded PE Plastic and Leg Zipper: Custom adjustability with high level protection.
    • Liner - Dryfoam Technology with Soft Laminated Water Repellent Lining: Comfortable, water repellant liner absorbs less moisture to keep you dry and the pants lightweight.
    • Hip/Kidney - Molded PE Caps with Vented Zones: Pro level of protection with great ventilation.
    • Back Protection - Floating Spine Protector with Molded PE Cap: High impact protection and mobility in lower back.
    • Adjustment - Internal Belt System with Hockey Lace + Hidden 1” Length Adjusting Zipper: Tapered, custom fit for increased comfort and mobility.

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