CCM Jetspeed FT370 Shoulder Pad - Junior


- $79.99

Brand: CCM

  • Win every battle along the boards with the CCM Jetspeed FT370 Junior Shoulder Pads featuring dual layer front construction and length adjustments in the biceps for improved fit and mobility. 

    • Construction - Dual Layer Front Construction with PE Foams: Good mobility and lightweight feel.
    • Caps - Molded Low Profile PE Caps: High level protection.
    • Torso - Vented PE Foam Front Base: Great protection and lightweight feel.
    • Biceps - PE Molded Cap with Length Adjustment: Comfortable custom fit with professional level protection.
    • Sternum/Spine - Anatomical Molded PE Sternum and Spine: Maximum protection.
    • Clavicle - Floating Clavicle Coverage: Increased protection in key impact area.

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