CCM Jetspeed FT1 Shoulder Pad - Senior


Brand: CCM

  • Forget the bulky and boring shoulder pads of the past and take comfort, protection and performance to the next level. The CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Shoulder Pads were developed to be extremely lightweight and offer excellent freedom of movement with a sleek look and feel. You will be covered at every angle with features like premier zotefoam in the torso and floating HD molded foam in the clavicle - a key impact area.

    • Construction - Amplified Mobility Design with Molded Zotefoam®: Superior freedom of movement and closed cell foam that absorbs less moisture to keep the player dry and light on their skates.
    • Caps - UFOAM Construction: Lightweight EPP pro level protection.
    • Torso - Premier Zotefoam® Protection Layer with Removable Protection Pad: Pro level protection and lightweight feel.
    • Biceps - High Density Molded Foam with Length Adjustment: Light and comfortable custom fit with professional level protection.
    • Sternum/Spine - Anatomical Molded Rocketframe Composite Shells and Neck Comfort Pad: Adaptable fit and professional level of protection.
    • Liner - Dryfoam Technology with Soft Laminated Water Repellent Lining: Comfortable liner that absorbs less moisture to keep the player dry and the shoulder pads lightweight.
    • Clavicle - Floating HD Molded Foam Clavicle Coverage: Pro level protection in key impact area.


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