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  • CCM AXIS A1.5 Goalie Chest Protector - Junior

CCM AXIS A1.5 Goalie Chest Protector - Junior


Brand: CCM

  • Defend your crease with maximum coverage, premium impact protection and greater flexibility with the new axis 1.5 chest protector. featuring a completely redesigned construction, it’s engineered to deliver powerful puck deflection for every shot you face.


    • Sternum: HD Foam - Impact protection
    • Shoulder Wings: Fully segmented quare contour with velcor adjustment for a customized fit
    • Chest: Multi-segmented PE foams for flexible protection
    • Ribs: Multi-segmented protection with HD foam offers great protection and mobility
    • Bicep/Forearm: Square Desgin with HD Foam - Great coverage and protection
    • Elbow: Independent adjustable elbow protector for a customized fit
    • Shoulder Cap: Molded HD foam with square contour offers optimized protection


    • Protective Padding: HD foam
    • Size Options: S/M, L/XL
    • Strapping System: Adjustable

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