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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed LS5 Carbon Edge Runners


Brand: Bauer

  • The TUUK Lightspeed 5 (LS5) Carbon Edge Steel Runners from Bauer are new for 2018, and highly anticipated! The demand for top-end steel has never been higher, and Bauer is entering the market with a solid option. The steel features the following:
    •     Soft inner core for enhanced edge quality and sharpness
    •     Carbon-coated for premium edge retention and bite properties
    •     Higher steel profile for longer sharpening life
    •     Greater angle of attack
    •     10ft radius
    •     Fits into TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE holder
    •     Includes one LIGHTSPEED EDGE tool for easy changing of runners
    •     After sharpening, DO NOT use a traditional "hone stone" to clean the burrs. It is recommended that you use a Nash Deer Skin Leather Chamois to clean the steel after sharpening (or else, the carbon-coated material may be accidentally removed)
  • Need help finding your recommended size? Try the Bauer Skates Sizing Chart.

    Bauer Skates Sizing Chart

    Bauer Skates Sizing Chart

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