Bauer Supreme 1S Shoulder Pad - Junior


- $179.99

Brand: Bauer

  • Designed to fit like an extension of the body, the new SUPREME 1S shoulder pads are unlike any pads today. Featuring Curv® composite with POWERLITE, the 1S takes fit and protection to a new level.

    Fit Story: Wrapping tighter to the body, these anatomically fitting shoulder pads provide a less-bulky feel, resulting in more powerful movements.

    The Specs you need to know!

    • Shoulder Cap

      •  Curv® composite and POWERLITE technology

    • Sternum

      •  Curv® composite and FleXorb. FleXorb combines the revolutionary technologies behind G-FORM® and XRD® Materials

    • Front Side Panels

      •  MD foam with molded Vent Armor foam with side panel extension fit

    • Spinal

      •  HD foam with PE inserts

    • Back Side Panels

      •  Molded Vent Armor foam

    • Bicep Guard

      •  Adjustable 1-piece Curv® composite construction

    • Arch

      •  Molded HD foam

    • Belly Pad

      •  Removable MD foam


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