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  • Bauer Supreme 1S Chest & Arm Protector - Senior

Bauer Supreme 1S Chest & Arm Protector - Senior


Brand: Bauer

  • The Bauer Supreme 1S chest protector offers official NHL maximum size coverage for any goalie. Bauer has added Curv composite to the arms and shoulder floaters for increased protection while significantly decreasing weight. The shoulder floaters also feature digitally printed graphics to reduce the overall weight. The shoulder floaters are adjustable and can be set higher or lower to get a better fit or depending on the goalies preference. 

    Revolutionary technology added to the stomach and spine guard helps regulate the core body temperature of the goaltender by keeping the body dry. Fabrics with 37.5 Technology dry up to 5x faster than similar fabrics. FleXorb combines the revolutionary technologies behind G-Form and XRD material to move with you and absorb energy with every hit. The bottom of the stomach guard is held by Velcro and is removable and adjustable to the goalies preferences. The Comfort Edge rib protector wraps around the body for a closer fit to ensure maximum protection and comfort from shots through screens and deflections.

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