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  • Bauer S19 Prodigy 30 Flex Hockey Stick - Youth

Bauer S19 Prodigy 30 Flex Hockey Stick - Youth


Brand: Bauer

  • The Vapor Prodigy gives young players a stick designed just for their game. The assortment features a 20, 30 and 40 flex stick. Adding length and an easy load flex profile for each stick gives the young player the ability to really lean into shots. This Vapor Prodigy line also introduces an entirely new Youth/Junior Curve called P01, which makes it easier to lift the puck, and to send and receive passes. Finally, the stick graphics now match the rest of the Vapor line, with tons of bright color pops added in.


    Level- Performance
    Shot Technology- QRT
    Shaft Technology-UD carbon fiber; Micro Feel II shaft dimension
    Blade Technology- UD carbon fiber; MaxBalance blade construction; AERO FOAM I blade core; Pure Shot blade profile
    Construction- Fused 2-piece construction
    Sizes- YTH (50”) Flex: 30 Curve: P92, P29, P01
    Materials- 1055249
  • Need help finding your recommended size? Try the Bauer Stick Fit Calculator.

    Bauer Stick Fit Calculator

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