Bauer Nexus ADV Hockey Stick


Brand: Bauer

  • All Nexus sticks are designed to load and release shots with ease. Nexus ADV technology focuses and enhances these characteristics. 

    ER Spine Technology:

    Uses a new 5 sided shaft geometry to improve performance. By changing the geometry of the shaft, we can remove excess carbon fiber layers in the key loading area of the stick while maintaining a standard Nexus mid-kick point. 

    Performance Benefits: 

        -reduces weight 
        -Creates a faster transfer of energy to load and release shots with less effort. 

    It's easier to lean into the stick to load and release shots with less effort. 

    Shape Benefits: 

        This new shape has been designed to contour to the palm of your hand to maximize feel and control  


    Inserts a hole in the blade to create a slingshot effect when releasing the puck. 

    Why a hole? By adding a hole in the blade, we were able to create two separate blade sections with different properties that work together while loading and releasing shots. 


    The blade does the work, making it easier to load and release the puck with added accelerations.

    The two different sections hug the puck for better control. 

    What about durability? We used FEA analysis, spent over 2000 hours on the ice and did every type of lab testing possible to ensure we didn't compromise blade durability with this new technology. 


    We reinforced the edges of the hole to ensure that durability is on par with our elite level sticks. 



  • Need help finding your recommended size? Try the Bauer Stick Fit Calculator.

    Bauer Stick Fit Calculator

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