How to Properly Fit Hockey Skates - Larry's Sports Shop


During a hockey skate fitting it's very important to remember that SHOE SIZES ARE DIFFERENT THAN SKATE SIZES. Typically a skate that is fitting properly will be 1.5-2.5 sizes SMALLER than your shoe size. The reason for this is when doing a skate fitting, it's crucial to have it as close fitting to the foot as possible, in order to remove any excess volume. It's extremely important as any sort of movement in the heel section of the skate, due to too much volume, will result in blisters and in extreme cases calcium build-ups/bone spurs. However, our #1 recommendation would be to visit us in-store for an exact sizing of each foot as MOST PEOPLE HAVE A HALF SIZE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR FEET. The safest bet is 1.5 sizes down from your current shoe size. The final consideration to take when buying skates is the fit of whatever skate you are looking at. Someone with a lower profile foot will usually fit a Bauer Vapor or CCM JetSpeed, a mid-profile foot usually in a Bauer Supreme or CCM Tacks, and a high profile foot usually in a Bauer Nexus. When doing a skate fitting, Width is something that should be considered after the profile of the skate, as EE (wide) widths are available in all fit profiles. Remember, the higher end the skate, the more comfort, heat moldability, and stiffness (power transfer) you get. Higher end skates also have the longer lasting steel; from high grade polished steel to carbon coated black steel. lower end skates will have lower grade standard or stainless steel.