Warrior Hockey Sticks

Warrior Hockey Sticks

Warrior Alpha LX Hockey Stick - Junior

Warrior Alpha LX Hockey Stick Warrior Alpha LX Hockey Stick features: SABRE TAPER II | Our exclusive taper design is torsionally stronger, combining low kick response with a powerful and accurate... Learn More


Warrior Ritual V2 Pro+ Goal Stick - Senior

Warrior V2 Pro+ Goal Stick Warrior V2 Pro+ Goal Stick Features Superlight goal stick Easy loading mid-flex profile maximizes shooting power Chrome details Minimus Carbon 25 SlideGrip Technology VibexLite –... Learn More


Warrior Fantom QRE Hockey Stick

FEATURES: 360 gram stick (senior) Edge Taper Technology Enigma Carbon – 25k material Limited Availability – 12 sticks per store Senior and Intermediate only W03 and W28 only 90 day... Learn More


Warrior Covert QR Edge Grip Hockey Stick - Senior

HERE'S WHY THIS GEAR IS AWESOME EDGE QUICK RELEASE |  We've improved the performance of a game changing stick series. The new edge is easier to load and has a... Learn More


Warrior Alpha QX Pro Grip Hockey Stick - Junior

FEATURES: QUICK STRIKE - Effortless loading that engages our most explosive, precision accurate release. The low kick-point extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel. The all... Learn More