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  • Acme Thunderer Metal Finger Whistle 47758.5

Acme Thunderer Metal Finger Whistle 47758.5


Brand: Acme

  • Acme Thunderer Metal Finger Whistle

    The ACME Thunderer Whistle with Finger Grip is the official whistle of the Canadian Hockey League and the chosen whistle of the top referees and linesman across the hockey world. This Thunderer large whistle with adjustable finger grip tapered mouthpiece also includes ACME's gator grip mouth guard.

    • Official whistle of the CHL
    • Waterproof speed pea
    • Easy blow, instant response
    • The latest high-tech research and development creates the advanced modern ACME Thunderer
    • Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that it outperforms even the closest copies
    • Includes whistle, finger grip, and mouth guard piece

    Get your ACME Thunderer Whistle online today or in North Vancouver!

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