Bauer Nexus 1N Grip Hockey Stick - Senior


- $339.99

Brand: Bauer

  • Whether it’s an open top corner or your teammate’s tape in the high slot, hit your target every time with the new 2017 BAUER NEXUS 1N stick. With the new control shaft geometry for improved feel and a stiffer blade for greater accuracy, the 2017 BAUER NEXUS 1N stick will help you put the puck exactly where you want it.


    • NEXUS mid-kick flex profile with Sweet Spot technology
    • Control Shaft Geometry
    • Easy Load Taper technology
    • eLASTech technology (SR and INT Only)
    • Lightweight TeXtreme construction
    • Monocomp technology
    • POWER SENSE 2 blade core
    • Pure Shot blade profile
    • Matte blade with texture

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