CCM Super Tacks X Helmet Review

CCM Super Tacks X Helmet Review

The The CCM Super Tacks X helmet might be the most innovative and advanced piece of protective hockey equipment made to date. Using digital printing, it's the world's first hockey helmet with a 3D-printed inner liner. Here's a quick look at CCM's newest helmet and everything it has to offer. 

3D-Printed Nest Tech Liner

The defining feature of the Super Tacks X helmet is CCM and Carbon's Nest Tech, which replaces traditional protective foams with an 3D-printed inner liner that resembles a nest or a web. According to Carbon, the inner shell is made up of over 130,000 individual struts. By combining several different pieces, the liner conforms and wraps to a player's head, offering a comfortable and unmatched fit. 

Each strut is specifically tuned to create specific densities at different areas of the head. This offers optimal protection by effectively dispersing different types of impacts. 

Multiple Layers of Protection

Nest Tech liner isn't the only layer of protection on the helmet, however. The Super Tacks X helmet also includes a base layer constructed with multi-density foams, as well as CCM's D30 smart material above the ears and the top of the head. D30 foam has been a pillar in CCM's protective technology and in this case, offers yet another layer of impact absorption and protection. 

Ultimate Breathability 

Another benefit of Nest Tech liner is a remarkable level of breathability. The unique design of the inner shell offers maximum airflow, which keeps player feeling cool from the moment they stop on the ice, to the end of it. 

Sizing, Adjustability, and Customization

The CCM Super Tacks X helmet comes in three sizes -- small, medium, and large. Each size slightly overlaps with the other, so we highly recommend that you try the helmet on in-store before making a purchase. The helmet also includes a tool-free adjustment system on each side, allowing for players to adjust helmet's length. 

Players who want the ultimate level of customization can also get their hands on personalization kit, offering a unique look on-ice. Personalization kits allow for the front and side logos to be customized in colour and includes ear loops with coloured inserts. It also includes a contrasting chin strap. 

To check out the CCM Super Tacks X helmet, be sure to check out Larry's Sports Shop both in-store and online.